We’re excited to build lasting relationships that will elevate our community and spread #SafeSocial’s mission and vision. When you become a #SafeSocial Ambassador, you become an extension of our community but above all, an extension of our message.

Social media can be difficult to navigate, and whether you have felt social media’s impact on mental health from your own experiences or have seen its effects on others, by becoming a #SafeSocial Ambassador, you join a community of like-minded people who are ready to learn, inform, and make a change so people can get the benefits of social media with less risk.


· Connecting you with the ever-growing network of #SafeSocial Ambassadors by adding you to a #SafeSocial Ambassador Slack and Instagram group where you and other ambassadors can share resources and your own self-made content

· Giving you free pieces of #SafeSocial merchandise that range from tech to fashion

· Providing premade social media assets and templates for you to use on your social feeds and stories made by our social media team

· Having a 1:1 meeting with the #SafeSocial Ambassador Program Project Manager

· Running a #SafeSocial Ambassador Program Workshop lead by our Project Manager and monthly Ambassador Hangouts

· Sharing a “Meet the Ambassador” post on our story, regarding ambassadors future job aspirations or current position


· Engaging with our content on social media through likes, comments, reposts, and posts of your own

· Communicating #SafeSocial’s message to your audience

· Reaching out to your community and encouraging them to be a part of our community as well

· Encouraging new ambassadors to join the program

· Gathering insightful feedback on how the program is and relay that back to the Project Manager and our team

· Providing a personal statement for our website as to why you joined the program


#SafeSocial strongly aligns with my interests and goals and has allowed me to be an active ambassador for the organization through spreading the message of how to use social media in a safe way.

ARIANE BISHOP#SafeSocial PR & Influencer Relations

I am excited to be working with #SafeSocial because I believe that, despite the negativity surrounding it, social media can actually be used as a positive tool.

JESSICA KHOURI#SafeSocial Digital Community Lead

#SafeSocial grabbed my attention after I noticed the ways I interact—or don’t interact—with people in my life solely online. They can spiral me to overthink my relationships, and I want to fix that.

RAZIEL HARJOSUBROTO#SafeSocial Social Media & Campaign Marketing Lead

I’m a big advocate for mental health awareness and joined the #SafeSocial team because I believe it is important to develop a healthy relationship with social media and the way you interact with your online world.

RACHEL BETTENCOURT#SafeSocial Ambassador Program Project Manager

I joined #SafeSocialAmbassador because it aligns with my attitude and goals towards social media. Many people do not understand or are oblivious to what it is doing to their mental health or health in general. I want to spread awareness of these issues and create a positive and more uplifting environment online.

RACHEL TAMUniversity Student

I always try to be the most positive person in the room and spread positivity to others around me. Since lockdown people have been spending more time on social media and I feel I can help spread positivity to others through social media and I believe this is the best way to do so.

MARK POPIKHigh School Student

As a social media marketer, it's my job to be online and stay up to date with online trends. But the main trend I noticed with all my clients (and myself) was burn out and the feeling of 'not enough' I'm here to learn how to change that.

JESSICA BRUNOSocial Media Marketer, England

I wanted to share #SafeSocial and other resources for using social media to benefit, not harm, mental health because it is something I have struggled with consistently in my past. Going through the process of being diagnosed with ADD, I have realized just how much of an impact it has made on my life and I hope to be able to share what I know, and what I am yet to learn, to other individuals in that community. It is my belief that social media and online communities can be a great tool for people like me, if they are using it in responsible and healthy ways, just as the #SafeSocial platform teaches.

BRITTNEY MACEFull Circle Farms Area Sales Manager, USA

I came across #SafeSocial when I was researching social media toxicity and found out it aligns with my mindset and goals towards making social media a better place. I believe with the help of #SafeSocial, we can make people aware of their unconscious behavior on social media and how it affects themselves and others. I am hopeful it can be made a better place, and is worth a try!

SAPTASHI BHOWMIKUniversity Student, India

I want to be a #SafeSocialAmbassador because I want to spread some positivity to the internet and possibly make someone's day with a simple but meaningful post. Majority of the time I'm on my phone, I'm on social media looking for positive entertainment to keep me joyful and happy and I'd like to spread those positive vibes to others.

NICHOLAS DORICHHigh School Student

#SafeSocial aligns with my values of creating a safe and inclusive space on all of my social media platforms. Most recently, I started sharing my vulnerability through talking stories and immediately noticed the strong yet positive impact this platform can be. Although social media can be known to be destructive to our mental health, I believe that it also gives us the opportunity to establish relationships all over the world and create a safe community for all.

CLARA EATONEntrepreneur

I joined #safesocialambassador because of how influential a role social media plays in today's society. It's easy to get lost in it all, but to become aware and use social media with a conscious mind allows us to enjoy it more and make the best out of all situations. By joining Safe Social, I hope to share my knowledge and help to create a more positive experience for everyone online.


Social media should be a positive experience, but unfortunately that reality doesn't happen for a lot of us. Becoming a #SafeSocialAmbassador has enabled me to spread positivity and deepened my connections with family and friends. I'm more mindful of what I post and I have truly noticed a difference in my interactions. We can change things, together!

BYRON STOKESUniversity Student, USA

Growing up with social media, I didn’t always have a healthy relationship with it. #SafeSocial helped me develop a healthier connection with my accounts. I have learned impactful lessons that I hope to share with anyone who is seeking to have a positive relationship with social media.

Ninoshka PaisContent Creator, Social Media Marketer, Travel Blogger

A meal doesn't always need to be captured online to make it enjoyable and that's why I'm with Safe Social. As a social justice activist in the dietetic and nutrition profession, doing the work means making sure you aren't pouring from an empty cup. Taking time for my mental health beyond the screen makes it possible for me to show up and be engaged when I'm online. I'm looking forward to being a #safesocialambassador so I can use social media for what it was originally meant to be, a tool to connect with each other and not be distracted from reality.

Gurneet DhamiCanada

As a creative visual and text communicator for both online and offline media, I know that what I create contributes to communities and audiences. So the question has always been what am I leaving behind for the immediate viewers, future viewers and for my pre-teen children entering a world of social media. Media is constantly evolving and changing without an instruction manual or education for the merging of online with offline behaviours, it is important that a safe practice message is more accessible.

Angelina RaisaVisual Communications and Social Media Specialist, Australia

I decide to become a #SafeSocial ambassador because for many, social media is causing more pain than joy, and it should not be like that...

Javier ObedProfessor of Psychology at the Universidad Anáhuac Veracruz Campus Xalapa, Mexico

I wanted to become a safe social ambassador simply because I see the effects that social media has on my students and myself. I wanted to become knowledgeable on how I can use social media in a safer way and pass those strategies onto my students. We currently live in a society where social media has a great impact on how we choose to perceive ourselves and others. I really strive to practice the importance of self-love.

Ellissa RicciutoHigh School Educator

I joined #SafeSocial because I am aware of the repercussion of using social media, especially considering my experiences and I want to help create a better experience for everyone for the sake of our physical and mental health.

Lagrace Momo TemgouaHigh School Student

My lesson for the world is that: Less is more. Using less social media will help you have the best experience as you grow up in life.

Joao Victor BuenoMedical School Student, Brazil

Social media is so fast, everything happens so quickly, that we often forget that it is something that was made for leisure or work. I have felt myself how I get drowned in it for hours and waste my valuable time by doing nothing but scroll! I want to be an ambassador of #SafeSocial so that I myself can learn and advocate that social media is just a part of our lives, not something which needs so much attention that we forget living our real, humane, healthy life.

Jenifer RahmanEntrepreneur, India

I wanted to become a #SafeSocialAmbassador because the way we interact online and the way we take in information online has a significant impact on our lives, especially our mental health. It's important to understand the impacts, both positive and negative, of online use, especially for young adults. It's important to me that we support young adults in practicing #SafeSocial.

Jenna EasterEducator, Canada

As a mom of twins, I realized how social media could influence their overall mental health and self-image but can also be an extraordinary platform to connect with others and share talents. I loved the platform for the safe social organization and felt compelled to learn and share more.

Chantal FryEntrepreneur, Creator of Glisse on Ice

I decided to become a #SafeSocial ambassador because I found social media began to become a toxic space for me as well as those around me. I want to make social media a safe and encouraging space for everyone who has access to it.

Angelina CushnieHigh School Student

As a #SafeSocialAmbassador, I’m able to combine my passions in communication, media, and mental health. I want to be able to share and learn ways in which we can promote taking care of ourselves and one another through social media.

Madelyn GragasinRyerson University Student

My generation grew up on social media. Luckily, when I was in my teenage years, I was able to make pretty good decisions about what I should and shouldn't post on social media. Now that I'm in my mid-20s, I'm always educating those around me on how to be safe on social media. I started working in the industry way before it was even a common career path. I feel like I can pick out a phishing email better than anyone I know, I report spam accounts on IG and my YT channel faster than you can say "SUS" and I am confident that I would be a great partner in creating engaging and informative content on how to be safe online.

Madaline Della MoraMarketing & Social Media Strategist, Educator, Influencer

As someone who grew up in the era of social media, my childhood was quite different from that of my parents and I believe that this played a part in my lack of knowledge on how social media impacts one’s mental health. As a social media user myself, I have seen how people and I have been disrupted by the unhealthy use of social media when social media's objective is to bring us together. However, #SafeSocial offered me useful tips on how to better utilize social media and an outlet to share this message with others.

Prabliv ChouhanHigh School Student

Mental health has always been important to me, especially recently with the pandemic. I found that even though I could connect with others on social media, it was hard to reach out. I believe #SafeSocial’s mission can help others going through the same thing that I did, and help people stay safe on social media!

Jasmine TingoHigh School Student

I want to become a #SafeSocial Ambassador as creating and promoting content relating to social media safety is an integral part of my mission as a mental health advocate. Having had bad experiences with social media, I'd like to share how that relates to social media safety as social media is very complex with a multitude of benefits and drawbacks I believe more people should be aware of. With the extensive social media use in the present day, education on social media safety is just as fundamental as learning about self-care and survival skills, and that being aware of the risks of social media in the first place can prevent people from being drawn into negative social media experiences, either intentional or not.

HERBERT FONGMental Health Advocate, Music Teacher, Vancouver Canada

I want to become a #SafeSocialAmbassador to help our global community to use social media without perpetuating mental health issues. My job in tech has shown me the good, the bad and the ugly of social media use, and I want to promote digital wellness, just as much as I promote the tools I use in the tech world.

Jessie RhodesDigital Creative, Texas USA

I wanted to become a #SafeSocial Ambassador because there is a lot of people who use social media without knowing why or are just wasting their time without learning anything. I want to become a #SafeSocialAmbassador so I can help people learn more about social media and learn from it. There are a lot of people that teach you a lot of things for free on social media, I think we should learn from them.

Yousif ShashaHigh School Student

Being safe on social media is essential, especially during these times when we are so engaged with it. #SafeSocial raises much-needed awareness about mental health in relation to social media.

Eva JeffyHigh School Student

I joined #SafeSocial because I think that it is important for everybody to take a break from social media and get off of their phones.

Finneus BedfordHigh School Student

I have always wanted to be involved in social media influencing because I wish to make an impact on other people’s experiences during their time on the internet. People tend to underestimate the effects that social media can have on a person’s mental and sometimes physical health, whether it is a minor or a major impact.

Teesha AlibadbadHigh School Student

I realized how much my friends and family use social media and the stuff that they had to go through. I believe that if you follow safe social's 5 steps you'll be freer, without throwing social media away.

Rajay ReidHigh School Student


#SafeSocial Ambassador
(Yearly Terms)

Sign-ups in Spring and Fall

Month 1 : Sign Up
Month 2 : Online Workshop
Monthly Ambassador Hangouts
Month 12 : Receive Certificate of 1 Year’s Completion

10 Month High School
Volunteer Program

September – June

September : Sign Up
October : Online Workshop
December – May : Monthly Ambassador Hangouts
May : Submit Hours for Review
June : Receive Certificate of Completion


Step 1
Apply and Complete Introductory Survey

Step 2
Attend 1:1 Meetup with Project Manager

Step 3
Attend #SafeSocial Ambassador Orientation

Step 4
Submit Personal Statements for our Website and Complete #MySafeSocial Story

Step 5
Participate in the Program!

Step 6
Receive Certificate of Completion and Complete End of Program Survey



APPLICATIONS CLOSED. Click here to be notified about the Spring cohort in March 2022.FAQ



Become a #SafeSocialAmbassador for a school year and cross off 10 hours from your 40 required volunteer hours.

The #SafeSocial Ambassador Program falls under the following Community Involvement Opportunities: 

  • “Participation in an event or activity that contributes to the health and well being of others”
  • “Participation in an event or activity that supports ethical work of global nature or that promotes positive environmental awareness”
  • “An event or activity designed to benefit the community in general” 

Unlike the #SafeSocial Ambassador (Yearly Terms), in order to collect volunteer hours students must submit a completed form to the Project Manager that has dated proof of their participation in this program.


  • Enhances self-confidence in social media knowledge and conducting themselves online
  • Reinforces civic responsibility with your online and offline self
  • Strengthens their community and allows students to learn new skills via social media
  • Students gain valuable work insight/experience within the media industry
  • Provides networking opportunities for future employment


We accept new (formal) cohorts of ambassadors in Fall and Spring each year. Our sign-ups seasons are in September and March of each year.  Sign up here to be notified.