Ok, I’ll admit it: when I was just 10 years old, I started a Twitter account. Somehow, I convinced my mom to let me open one, and my relationship with social media—and the online world of Harry Potter “Potter Heads”—started at a very young age. As my friends got older, more of them started joining Facebook and Tumblr. Soon, our friendships translated online and without realizing, I’d overthink the way one of my friends would write out a message or why someone wouldn’t like my status. 

Better late than ever, right? But if I had the chance to learn about having a healthy relationship with social media earlier on, I would have jumped at the chance right away. 

Well, #SafeSocial’s new ambassador program is a great opportunity for just that. The program is for anyone willing to learn more about having a healthy relationship with social media while helping us spread awareness of the benefits of using it! Anyone of any age and background is welcome, and they’ll meet a network of people who are just as enthusiastic about safe social media use. 

This program is for you if… 

  • You’ve felt social media’s impact on your mental health or have seen its effects on others 
  • You care about navigating this digital world healthily and want others to, too 
  • You’re a student interested in helping your peers better understand social media and its risks 
  • You’re a parent or educator who cares about the mental health of the young people in your life 
  • You’re a high school student who needs volunteer hours completed (yes, you can get volunteer hours by joining!) 

If my teenager self knew that a program like this was around, I might’ve had a better time scrolling through Instagram. I could have learned how to navigate my anxious thoughts earlier so that it wouldn’t be hard to unlearn them as I became a young adult. But like I said earlier, better late than never! 

If you are passionate about social media’s impact on mental health, consider being an ambassador for #SafeSocial to be a part of the solution. We’d love to get to know you—and so would have my 10-year-old self. 

Raizel Harjosubroto

Raizel Harjosubroto

It sounds like "ray-zell"! Raizel is a recent journalism grad with a passion for sharing stories in different ways. With a knack for pop culture, her main interests are in internet subcultures, communities, and how gen z-ers consume the internet.

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